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WebTailor Create a New Graphic Element / Customize the Selected Graphic Element

Graphic elements include buttons, headers, icons, and more. You can create new graphics or customize existing ones.

To create a new graphic element or customize an existing one:

  1. Complete the required fields on the form (identified with an asterisk *) and any additional fields you need.
  2. Click Save Changes to save the information you entered or click Reset All Fields to reset the information to the last saved version.

To delete a graphic element:

Field Descriptions

Required Field Description
* Graphic Element Name Enter a unique name (without spaces) to identify the graphic. You can use capital letters and underscores in the name. Use descriptive words in the name so you can easily identify the graphic. For example, in BulletAdminLib, "Bullet" identifies the type of graphic, "Admin" identifies the administration section, and "Lib" identifies the section where the bullet appears. The name you enter here is displayed in the drop-down list box for customizing a graphic.
* Image URL Enter the URL for the graphic. You can enter the full URL with the http:// if the graphic is not on your webserver, or enter the relative URL (relative URLs start with a forward slash) if the graphic is on your server.
  Description Enter a brief description of the image to help you identify it.
  Comments Enter notes to yourself about the color of the graphic, a more detailed description of the graphic, etc.
  Image Width (pixels) Enter the width of the image.
  Image Height (pixels) Enter the height of the image.
  Highlighted Image URL Enter the path (location) of the graphic that replaces the original graphic when the users move their mouse over the graphic.
  Alternative Text Enter the text you would like displayed while the graphic is loading or if the user has graphics turned off.
  Status Bar Text Enter the text you would like displayed on the status bar at the bottom left of the screen as the users move their mouse over the graphic.
  Image Align Click drop-down arrow and select how you would like the image aligned with respect to the text on the same line. For example, if you choose "Bottom" the bottom of the image will be on the same line as the bottom of the text.
  Image Border (pixels) Enter the width of the border around the graphic. If you do not want a border around the graphic, enter 0.
  Vertical Spacing (pixels) Enter the amount of vertical space to appear above and below the graphic. The number you enter in this field will be applied to both the top and the bottom.
  Horizontal Spacing (pixels) Enter the amount of horizontal space to appear to the left and right of the graphic. The number you enter here will be applied to both the left and the right sides.

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