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Customize a Web Menu or Procedure

Web menus and procedures control the look and feel and security settings for all of the HTML pages generated from the database. The main content of each page comes from one of two places. It is either generated from a stored database procedure (PL/SQL) or from a menu generating procedure that builds a menu from the menu items table (TWGRMENU). You can create new web menus and procedures or modify existing ones.

To create a new web menu or procedure:

To customize an existing web menu or procedure:

To search for a web menu or procedure:

  1. Type the full or partial name in the Search by Name field, or the full or partial description in the Search by Description field
  2. You can use % as a wildcard character in either field, or _ as a single-character wildcard
  3. Select Search
  4. Select the web menu or procedure from the list of search results, or search again

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