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Create a New Menu Item/ Customize the Selected Menu Item

Menu items are the individual components of a menu. Both full-page menus and text link menus at the bottom of the page consist of menu items. You can add new menu items or modify existing ones.

WebTailor provides two columns for images with each menu item. This allows you to use a different image for main menu items and submenus. By default, all menus use the global images set in Customize Global UI Settings for the main menu and submenus. If a menu does not include submenus, the application page graphic is used. You can replace the default images by selecting a Bullet Override Image on this page.

To create new menu items or customize existing ones:

  1. Complete the required fields on the form (identified with an asterisk *) and any additional fields you need.
  2. Select Save Changes or Select Reset All Fields

To delete a menu item:

Field Descriptions

Required Field Description
  Associated Web Page The associated web page appears by default. This is the page defined in Customize Web Menus and Procedures.
  Sequence Number If you are creating a new menu item, the next number in the sequence appears by default. If you are customizing an existing menu item, this number is for display only.
* URL Enter the destination for the menu item. This can be a static URL, package.procedure name, or dynamic menu. Note: If you enter a static URL on your own webserver, you must start at the document root level and include the forward slash. For example, if you have a page called "mypage.htm" that is at the document root level, enter /mypage.htm
  Link Text Enter the text for the hyperlink in the menu.
  Link Description Enter static text that appears under the link text to describe the link.
  Status Bar Text Enter the text you would like displayed on the status bar at the bottom left of the screen as users move their mouse over the link text.
  Bullet Override Image Click drop-down arrow and select the image you want to appear next to the menu item (for example, bullet points). You can use this to override the default graphics set in the Global UI settings.
  Menu Link Image Click drop-down arrow and select the image you want to replace the Link Text with or that you want to appear to the left of the Link Text.
  Image Click drop-down arrow and select the image you want to appear next to the link text (for example, bullet points).
  Enabled Check this box if you would like the menu item active. Note: It might be helpful to leave this check box turned off while the page is under construction.
  Database Procedure Check this box if the link destination is a dynamic page, generated by the database, and not a static URL.
  Submenu Indicator Check this box is the menu item points to a dynamic menu generated by WebTailor.

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