Faculty Registration Permits/Overrides Help

The Faculty Registration Permits/Overrides page provides the instructor with the ability to enter registration overrides. The page will display any existing overrides for the selected student and term, as well as the student's current schedule.

To add an override, select a pair of codes from the pull-down boxes in the Registration Permits/Overrides table. The first column will contain a choice of override code, and the second will contain all courses for which you are the designated primary instructor. Please note that to add an override, the codes you select must be on the same row in the table. When you are finished entering an override, click on the Sumbit Changes button. To reset the table to its original state, click on the Reset button.

To enter overrides for a different student, click on ID Selection. To navigate to other pages, click on a hyperlink at the bottom of the page.

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